Thank you to Bayside Transcriptions for allowing me to discover the goings on of the Joyce Family in the 1940’s.

Many may wonder, why would I get letters transcribed? While I can read cursive, its not as enjoyable when the handwriting is terrible at times- looking at my G-father & G-grandmother. I tried for years to get through my G-fathers WWII letters, to always put them down after struggling every 4 words to decipher something. But since they have been transcribed, I was able to curl up in a cozy spot and read them straight through with enjoyment and ease.

Stephanie at Bayside Transcriptions has been wonderful to work with.

Joyce, from Maryland

I had been holding on to a family document for many years, without being able to understand the old handwriting style, and manner of language. When I saw an ad for Bayside Transcriptions, I contacted them right away. I found prompt and professional evaluation of my project, and a good quality transcription for sharing with family members. I would recommend Bayside Transcriptions as a great way to make the past more accessible.

Miriam, from Virginia