Terms and Conditions


Individual clients and one-time business clients are asked to send payment within 14 days of the invoice date.

Repeat business clients will be offered 30-day terms.

Clients will be invoiced upon completion of the project, except for large/complex projects, in which case the client may be invoiced in periodic installments.

NOTE: Bayside Transcriptions has the right to change rates at any time without notification.

Privacy & Security

Original copies of documents provided by clients will be kept secure from environmental damage and/or theft, to the best of my ability. Any deliverables created by Bayside Transcriptions will backed up. Client information will never be shared with any third party.

Bayside Transcriptions may use images of a client’s project for promotional purposes; however, the images will never show specific content, names, or any identifying information about the client.

Project Issues

If issues arise with a document/photograph sent by the client, such as corrupted files, or data lost due to equipment failure, the client will be notified as soon as possible, and we will work together to resolve the issue. Clients are strongly encouraged to keep their originals and only send copies or photographs to Bayside Transcriptions.

If issues arise that will prolong the project beyond the estimated deadline (unforeseen complexities in the document, or personal issues such as health or bereavement), I will notify the client as soon as possible and stop work on the project until they decide how they wish to proceed. If they wish to continue, I will offer an updated completion date and adjusted estimated project cost.


Please Note: It is important for clients to understand that it might not be possible for the entire document to be transcribed because of the difficulty of the handwriting or pre-existing damage to the document (e.g. tears, ink stains, or fire/water damage). In such cases the transcription will be incomplete in nature, but wherever possible, the transcriber will offer a best guess of the missing text.